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The Avenir Floor Plan Presents 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom layouts catered for many family sizes, needs and budgets. 1 Bedroom has two room size/layout kind of size 538 sqft (1a) and 527 sqft(1b). 2 Bedroom must room size/layout kind of sizes 829 sqft (2a) and 807 sqft (2b) 3 Bedroom has three room size/layout kind of sizes 1,141 sqft (3a), 1,572 sqft (3La) and 1,529 sqft (3Lb), with 3La and 3Lb having private lifts. 4 Bedroom has three room size/layout kind of sizes 2,056 sqft (4a), 2,067 sqft (4b) and 2,411 sqft (4+1a) which has yet another family room.
The Avenir relationship contains Hong Realty GuocoLand (Singapore) Intrepid Investments. Over the last ten years , the business made 980M SDollars in their revenues. Many regional and foreign designers needed fascination with the land tender. I also pay around 4.5 % for solid sales volumes over arrange price 938M dollars.
The growth contains 290 apartments 2 commercial buildings. The selling requires impact till 80% of owners choose to offer in parts. As earnings from income of $3.36M to $3.48M the Avenir products'homeowners will benefit. Rising organization will allow financing of 2.2M pounds to 4.5M dollars.
The Avenir is based in an desired place close a large selection of companies in the 9th district. The lodge is based next Orchard Street, Great Earth City’s principal searching region and potential MRT.
The estimate by consultancy records that the increase in Avenir’s area fees stages between $2530-$2800 psf pp and with the estimated purchase value between $3000-$3200 psf.
WILL Enjoy and why inventors would discover the Pit Area Base.
The region of the Stream Area in Singapore 9 must be taken under consideration if would like to lease to get a spot. Homes through the duration of this area are widely wanted because are in the forefront. With area to big shopping centers and easy connectivity to other elements of Singapore, town presents different benefits. River Area is close to CBD and maintains peaceful and perfect for families from Robertson Quay to Alexandra Lane. Reasoned explanations why expats enjoy the town.
In that text, we give you the advantages of experiencing The Avenir house. Under some of factors give Singapore a pleased home in River Valley.
Warm Warm It’s everybody’s dream are now living in an unmatched place. Ok, in perfect areas the assets allow that possible. Not just in your community is the transportation infrastructure improved in the town allowing persons to experience easy transit. Everything think of is simply one stone discard from schools, shopping malls , restaurants and parks.
Strong value for leasing
This isn’t a fantasy, since studies affirm the facts, homes in the CCR have powerful leasing capacity. The geographic place that assists visitors to ease every where that location is one critical factors why resources in this city get strong and stable hire income. This spot can also be convenient for residing there as it is next to CBD. The hire revenue could certainly increase with solid need for the apartments.
Strong revenue
URA’s income transactions show more homes this location than different regions. First fraction 2018 numbers suggest an increase of 4,3 per dollar private residential home in the fourth fraction 2017 from the prior 138,7 per cent. The move represents over 3% rise more compared to the prior quarter’s 0.8% rise. The purchase price rise is brought about by increase of immobilization demand in that sector. Homes here usually knowledge strong valuation of money due to their fantastic place which could contribute to large possible values.
Compatibility As reported, CCR assets appreciate large valuation of money that allows them attract large prices. By comparison to attributes by OCR RCR, high vacancy oversupply, in effect plays a role in fragile hire money, aren’t impairing homes in CCR. That makes house in CCR ideal selection to grow in rental profits for anyone.
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👑 Prime District 9, River Valley
🚇 Near to 3⃣ MRT - Great World, Somerset, Fort Canning
🎓 1km to River Valley Primary, 2km to ACS Junior
👍🏻 Ideal Lifestyle - close to Great World City, Robertson Quay, Orchard Road & CBD, yet laidback with the Singapore River and Fort Canning Park at your doorstep

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1 Bedroom
Stack 02: 527sf
(Best Priced 1BR stack, Greenery facing / High floor facing Fort Canning Park)
$1.499 mil - $1.833mil (fr. $2,844psf)

Stack 07: 538sf
(Greenery & Quiet facing, High floor facing Orchard Shopping Belt)
$1.593 mil - $1.982 mil (fr. $2,961psf)

2 Bedroom
Stack 01: 829sf
(Facing the sculpture court/Greenery facing, high floor facing Fort Canning Park)
$2.397 mil - $2.804 mil (fr. $2,891psf)

Stack 04: 807sf
(Facing lap pool & great lawn, high floor unblock view facing Singapore River)
$2.311 mil - $2.744 mil (fr. $2864psf)

3 Bedroom
Stack 03: 1141sf
(Facing lap pool & great lawn, high floor unblock view facing Singapore River)
$3.347 mil - $3.859 mil (fr. $2,933psf)

Stack 06: 1141sf
(Greenery & quiet facing, facing Orchard Shopping Belt)
$3.276 mil - $3.858 mil (fr. $2,871psf)

3 Bedroom with P/L
Stack 05: 1528sf
(Facing lap pool & great lawn, high floor unblock view facing Singapore River)
$4.366 mil -$5.166 mil (fr. $2,857psf)

Stack 08: 1572sf
(Overlooking the beautiful landscape, tranquility garden and urban farm)
$4.666 mil - $5.419 mil (fr. $2,986psf)

4 Bedroom with P/L
Stack 09: 2055sf
(Overlooking the beautiful landscape, tranquility garden and urban farm)
$6.229 mil - $7.093 mil (fr. $3,030psf)

Stack 10: 2067sf
(High floor facing city skyline & Singapore River)
$6.457 mil - $7.042 mil (fr. $3,124psf)

4+Family Bedroom
(Unblock view of Singapore River)
Stack 11: 2411sf
(High floor facing the city skyline
$7.530 mil - $8.126 mil (fr. $3,123psf)

P/L: Private Lift
*Prices stated above is subject to change without prior notice.

An exquisite collection of one to four-bedroom apartments awaits your pleasure, with your choice of views towards the city, overlooking Orchard or completely unblocked towards Singapore River.

Experience Top-end V-Zug and De Dietrich appliances include an oversize fridge, wine chiller and dishwasher, with kitchen cabinetry by Nova Cucina.

ADDP and studioMilou, the latter the architects behind the iconic transformation of the National Gallery Singapore.

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